There are some amazing chefs and home cooks out there who are already creating amazing recipes with honey.

These range from the quick & easy to the complex & skilled. Instead of us producing new content or repeating the recipes of these amazing people we would prefer to highlight the great work they are doing by re-posting there online content and giving these creators the acknowledgement they deserve.

The list and links below are to the recipes that are featured on our social media.

Medovik (Медовик) – Russian Layer Honey Cake recipe


Eight soft honey cake layers with delicious sour cream frosting. This cake is beautiful and impressive. 









Honey Soy Chicken Tray-Bake


Everyone loves a tray bake! They’re perfect for a busy family (or one of those cbf days!)

This Honey Soy Chicken tray bake is super easy, super delicious and also super healthy!

Leah Istines’ Honey Soy Marinade is packed with flavour and is the key to making the meal a guaranteed people pleaser.





Chilli Honey & Hot Soppressata Pizza



The perfect twist on a traditional pizza. Sweet, spicy and completely mind blowing!








Bee Pollen Smoothie Recipe


This bee pollen smoothie is not only full of superfoods but it also tastes amazing. The fruity and flowery notes will remind you of spring!









Banana & Blueberry Bread


This is the perfect snack for that mid morning hunger or to cure that 3:30-itis! Bake, let cool, wrap each piece individually and keep in the fridge so you can grab & go!










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