ManukaLife Kings Park Lab

ManukaLife is a Western Australian company that was founded in January 2015 and has been an integral part of growing the manuka honey industry in Australia.

Their vision is to be the global leaders of Australian-grown Manuka plantations producing premium Manuka honey and oil products developed in Australia for local and international markets.

From plants to products they have developed a fully integrated supply chain which produces premium quality Manuka honey and oil from Leptospermum plantations in Western Australia’s natural, pristine and unique bio-secure environment.

Western Australia has one of the healthiest honey bee populations in the globe, with an absence of colony collapse disorder or pests. ManukaLife is committed to securing the future viability of an Australian manuka honey and oil industry. They are passionate about Australia’s bio-secure environment and harnessing the healing power of Manuka for health benefits.

ManukaLife have a breeding program in partnership with Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. It the most comprehensive plant breeding program for Leptospermum honey and oil production in the world.


Grown and cultivated near Harvey in the pristine Southern region of Western Australia, ManukaLife bees and their homes are treated with the utmost care and respect from day one. They are committed to practices that are as sustainable and as kind to the environment as possible. Happy bees and a healthy environment help us ensure the exceptional quality of the Manuka honey.

After the honey combs are extracted and inspected they are spun. The centrifugate force pushes out the honey without damaging the combs. The comb can then be put back in the hives, helping the bees to survive throughout the cold months.

Next a filtering process helps get rid of any beeswax residues in the honey. This wax is put aside and re-purposed so there is no waste.

Before bottling, samples are taken out and scientifically tested to make sure the honey batch meets the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) quality requirements. AMHA’s independent, certified laboratories test methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and leptosperin levels.

Once this is done honey is poured into jars and labelled according to its MGO potency. All ManukaLife honey carries the AMHA Mark of Authenticity, verifying that it is pure, natural Manuka honey produced entirely in Australia.

When you purchase from Honey Wholesale you can feel confident that the ManukaLife honey you buy is pure, unadulterated, premium Manuka honey from the pristine wilderness of Australia.

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