Before there was wine, there was ambrosia. Archaeological evidence from China reveals that the oldest (known) alcoholic beverage consumed by humans was made from honey, rice and fruits over 9,000 years ago.

Inspiration comes from the Ancient Greeks in naming this drink “ambrosia”. Ambrosia is distinguished from mead as mead is traditionally made with the addition of beer yeast, whereas yume ambrosia is made with naturally occurring yeast in the honey or botanical additions, in keeping with the Greek tradition. Revered as a drink fit for the gods, ambrosia was thought to bestow strength and wisdom on those who drank it.

yume are working with monovarietal or single site honeys to convey a sense of WA’s distinctive terroir. Each of the beekeepers that we work with are migratory, moving their hives according to the season and available resources. Many of the endemic species that the bees forage are located in remote areas, largely untouched since European occupation, featuring trees older than a human lifespan. Honey’s inherent properties are derived from the sub-climate, soils, and topography in which it is produced and seasonal and year to year variation, which are translated through the flavours and aromas of the ambrosias.

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