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TA35+ Single Origin Raw Jarrah Honey – 500g

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Indulge in our premium TA35+ Jarrah Honey, boasting a rich amber hue and deep, complex flavor. With the highest antimicrobial activity globally, along with prebiotics and antioxidants, this honey offers exceptional health benefits. Sourced from the lush Jarrah forests of Western Australia, where the cream-colored blossoms bloom only every two years, this monofloral honey is a true rarity. Extracted raw and unfiltered to preserve its natural goodness, it carries a Total Activity rating of 35+, making it the pinnacle of premium honey. Independently laboratory tested, fully traceable, and sourced from BQUAL/HACCP audited facilities, it’s the epitome of purity and quality. Enjoy its long-lasting freshness with a 5-year best before date.

TA35+ عسل جارا خام أحادي الأصل 500 جرام

This rich amber honey has a deep and complex flavour. It is full of beneficial properties including the highest antimicrobial activity in the world, prebiotics and antioxidants. It is also low GI.

The lush Jarrah forests flower only every two years with the cream-coloured Jarrah blossom yielding the most sought-after Australian honey.

This is the most premium honey from the season with a Total Activity rating of 35+ (the highest possible level). Extracted raw so that it contains all of the goodness that nature intended.


  • 100% pure, natural, seasonal, Western Australian TA35+ Jarrah honey
  • Monofloral – sourced from native jarrah forest within the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot
  • Independently laboratory tested to confirm antimicrobial activity
  • Single origin and fully traceable to source
  • Raw & unfiltered – retains its balance of life supporting vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and active enzymes
  • Sourced from and packed by premium BQUAL / HACCP audited facilities
  • Long life – 5 year best before date
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Australian Wildflower

Australian Wildflower Honey stands as a beacon of biodiversity, offering a range of honeys that are pure, natural, and free from GMOs, GE, glyphosate, and any synthetic chemicals. Embodying the spirit of sustainability, we dedicate 5% of our profits from every jar sold to initiatives focused on conservation, restoration, and reconciliation. Crafted with care and pride, our honey is a testament to West Australian heritage, fully owned and produced within the region. Experience the authentic taste of Australia with every spoonful of our eco-conscious and ethically produced honey.
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