Explore our Premium  Raw Jarrah Honey, a treasure from the Jarrah forests’ rare blossoms. This amber honey offers a rich and complex flavor, packed with the highest antimicrobial activity globally, plus plenty of prebiotics and antioxidants. This makes it a natural powerhouse and a healthier sweetener due to its low GI.

Honey harvested from the Jarrah trees’ cream-colored blossoms, which bloom every two years, making this the most sought-after Australian honey for its unique qualities and superior taste.

With a Total Activity (TA) rating of 35+, our raw Jarrah honey delivers maximum potency, ensuring you enjoy all the natural benefits. Savor the pure, raw luxury of our top-grade honey, a true reflection of nature’s abundance.

Our 3kg jerrycan size is convenient for pouring and more sturdy than a tub for lower breakage and improved space efficiency.

Weight 3.2 kg




Total Activity



Australian Wildflower


Australian Wildflower

Australian Wildflower Honey stands as a beacon of biodiversity, offering a range of honeys that are pure, natural, and free from GMOs, GE, glyphosate, and any synthetic chemicals. Embodying the spirit of sustainability, we dedicate 5% of our profits from every jar sold to initiatives focused on conservation, restoration, and reconciliation. Crafted with care and pride, our honey is a testament to West Australian heritage, fully owned and produced within the region. Experience the authentic taste of Australia with every spoonful of our eco-conscious and ethically produced honey.
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