Single Origin Raw Eucalyptus Honey – Australian Wildflower (1kg)


Savor the essence of Western Australia with our 100% Pure and Natural Honey, a seasonal treasure from the native eucalyptus forests of the Southwest Biodiversity Hotspot. Experience the rich flavor, captivating aroma, and smooth texture of our raw, unfiltered honey, packed with vital nutrients. Unblended for purity, it’s the authentic taste of nature’s bounty in every spoonful.

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Raw Australian Eucalyptus Honey – Australian Wildflower (1kg PET)

The taste of Australia – filled with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics

Experience the purity of our 100% Pure Western Australian Eucalyptus Honey, a natural and seasonal delight harvested from the heart of the native eucalyptus forests located in the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot. Each jar captures the essence of superior flavor, rich aroma, and smooth texture that only the untouched wilderness of Western Australia can provide.

This honey is raw and unfiltered, preserving the full array of life-enhancing vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and active enzymes. Australian Wildflower actively preserve the purity of our honey, never blending it with additional crop honey, to deliver a truly authentic taste of Western Australia’s natural beauty.


  • 100% pure, natural, seasonal, Western Australian honey.
  • Sourced from native eucalyptus forest within the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot.
  • There are 600 different species of eucalyptus trees within this area. This makes it one of the most diverse eucalyptus habitats in the world.
  • Each eucalypt produces a different profile of honey.  Their will be some seasonal variations in flavour, aroma and texture as the floral source and temperatures changes though the year.
  • Raw & unfiltered – retains its balance of life supporting vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and active enzymes.
  • Unblended – i.e. no blending or crop honey added.
  • Single origin and fully traceable to source.
  • Guaranteed to contain no GMOs, GE or glyphosate.
  • We are biodiversity-positive and 5% of profits from every jar sold supports conservation, restoration & reconciliation.


Why Western Australia?

Western Australia’s bee industry is notable for having the healthiest bee population and cleanest honey in the world.

In almost every other jurisdiction on earth (including New Zealand) serious pests and diseases impact honey production. To manage outbreaks, they use chemicals to spray the hives and bees which can transfer to the honey.

Due to the pristine environment, honey is totally chemical free and the greenest in the world resulting in the finest honeys.


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Australian Wildflower

Australian Wildflower Honey stands as a beacon of biodiversity, offering a range of honeys that are pure, natural, and free from GMOs, GE, glyphosate, and any synthetic chemicals. Embodying the spirit of sustainability, we dedicate 5% of our profits from every jar sold to initiatives focused on conservation, restoration, and reconciliation. Crafted with care and pride, our honey is a testament to West Australian heritage, fully owned and produced within the region. Experience the authentic taste of Australia with every spoonful of our eco-conscious and ethically produced honey.

Discover the Purest, Healthiest Honey from Perth, Western Australia

The Australian Wildflower brand is one that is dedicated to bringing you the purest and healthiest honey available. Sourced from one of the world's most biodiverse regions, our commitment to quality, purity, and traceability is unmatched. We are also passionate about supporting conservation efforts in our local environment.

Why Choose Us?

01. Purest Products Experience the finest, purest honey bee products in the world, carefully selected for your enjoyment. 02. Biodiversity Hotspot Our honey comes exclusively from the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot, home to the world’s largest collection of wildflowers. 03. Minimal Processing Our honey undergoes minimal processing to maintain its natural balance of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and active enzymes. 04. Healthiest Bees We are proud to be part of Western Australia's renowned bee industry, celebrated for its healthy bee population and exceptionally clean honey. Choose Australian Wildflower honey for unparalleled purity and support sustainable beekeeping in one of the most ecologically rich regions on the planet.
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