Honey Wholesale believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone at all times.
We keep our prices matched to the best available on the market.
This means we offer you the best price every day without going searching for coupon codes.

We believe this is the best possible approach to provide you with the very best value.

Many companies actually increase their price and then provide a discount code to give a perceived “deal” in order to persuade you to buy. We think this is pretty cheeky and it doesn’t fit with our core values so we prefer our approach!

Below we have answered some of the questions we get asked on pricing. If you have any more, please contact us.

Do you stand by your price match?


If you are able to purchase products elsewhere at a cheaper price, please take a pdf of the check-out page (with all prices and shipping).

Email us at orders@honeywholesale.com.au and we will get in touch to price match.

But what about new customers?

We often get asked if we offer discounts to new customers.

We believe all our customers, new and those who buy from us again and again should get the very best prices!

We believe it’s unfair to give new customers discounts and offers than our regular customers can’t access.

Why not free shipping on everything?

We haven’t found any couriers that offer us free shipping – so unfortunately we can’t afford to give you free shipping.

Like coupon codes, it is a marketing strategy where companies offering free or very low shipping thresholds hide it in other areas. The lower the threshold for free shipping, the greater the element of shipping added to every product.

You will find we are usually cheaper than other companies at checkout for smaller orders, and certainly cheaper when spending over $59 and getting our free Australian shipping.

Why a coupon code box at check out?

We aren’t a complete grinch!

We still want to reward our members and make exclusive offers available to them. To become a member please sign up in the account/member area (link in top right).

This box also allows you to put in the coupon code for free shipping.

If you are lucky enough to have received a gift voucher (or are giving one), this is the mechanism we use to redeem.

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