Fewsters Farm

Fewster’s Farm has been operated by the same family since 1898. Currently Fewster’s Farm is managed by fourth generation beekeeper, Mr Kim Fewster.

Fewster’s Farm prides itself in continuing a long tradition of ethical beekeeping. Our bees are well looked after and our honey is unadulterated and pure.

Fewster’s Farm has some of the best apiary sites in the forests and natural reserves of Western Australia. This allows us to choose the best locations to place our bee hives each season.

The entire range of Fewster’s Farm honey is 100% free from any chemicals or pesticides, and harvesting is done to ensure that optimum goodness is retained.

Fewster’s Farm prides itself on its excellence in producing high quality, healthy, tasty, 100% pure Western Australian honey.

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Certified Organic Raw Jarrah Honey – Fewsters Farm (500g)

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