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TA+ Bartholomews – Jarrah Honey (475g)

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Active Jarrah Honey is gathered from lush Jarrah forests in the South of Western Australia. Flowering just every two years, the cream coloured Jarrah blossom yields a rich medium to dark amber coloured honey that is lower in glucose than other honey varieties, with a deep and complex flavour.

This Jarrah Honey has a very high Total Activity rating, making it not only rich in taste but antimicrobial qualities as well.

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Jarrah Honey is unique and only found in West Australia

The Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata) is a native tree unique to Western Australia. It grows in the rich, environmentally pristine native forests stretching from Perth to WA’s South West.   During late spring and early summer the trees produce a profusion of flowers which come alive with the buzz of bees’ busily collecting pollen and the rich nectar to make Jarrah honey.

Jarrah is an amber coloured honey with a full bodied nutty malt flavour.  Jarrah honey is considered a prized honey amongst beekeepers as the forests that it comes from dwindle in size from dieback and clearing.  Delicious in all cuisine, Jarrah honey is not only smooth on the palate but has amazing healing abilities.

Jarrah honey is antibacterial and antifungal
The antimicrobial activity of Jarrah honey is derived via natural enzymes in the honey. While the antimicrobial and healing effects of honey have been known for thousands of years, Jarrah honey has become increasingly popular for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels and a high antimicrobial activity.

Jarrah honey has a high hydrogen peroxide level which can inhibit the growth of Golden Staph Bacteria.

Water molecules strongly react with the sugars in Jarrah honey leaving little water available for microorganisms to grow.  Bacteria that can cause infections are unable to survive in Jarrah honey because they become dehydrated.  This makes Jarrah an incredible healing honey!

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