100% Pure raw Natural Honey (1kg)


Discover the natural purity of our 1kg Pure Raw Western Australian Honey. Sourced from the flourishing, biodiverse landscapes of Western Australia, this unprocessed honey captures the full spectrum of natural enzymes and antioxidants. Its rich, golden texture delivers incredible flavor along with health benefits like immune support and allergy relief. Ideal for sweetening beverages, enhancing meals, or enjoying by the spoonful, our honey is completely free from additives and preservatives. Packaged conveniently for families and culinary enthusiasts, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen seeking quality, sustainability, and the authentic taste of Western Australia.

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Introducing our 1kg container of Pure Raw Western Australian Honey, a 100% natural delight sourced directly from the flourishing landscapes of Western Australia. This raw honey is unprocessed and untouched, ensuring that every spoonful retains the full spectrum of its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and exquisite flavor.

Our honey is gathered from diverse floral sources across the pristine environments of Western Australia, known for their cleanliness and biodiversity. The result is a rich, golden honey that not only tastes incredible but also offers numerous health benefits, including natural immune support and allergy relief.

Perfect for sweetening your favorite beverages, enhancing your meals, or simply enjoying by the spoonful, our honey is versatile and nutritious. It’s free from any additives or preservatives, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the purest form of honey.

Packaged in a convenient 1kg container, our Pure Raw Western Australian Honey is ideal for families, chefs, and anyone who values high-quality, sustainable food products. Experience the taste of Western Australia with every bite and make our raw honey a staple in your kitchen.

Packaging: PET
Region: Western Australia
Varietal: Multi Floral
Processing: Raw
Size: 1kg

Weight 1.1 kg




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