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Australian by Nature Propolis 500mg Capsules are easy to swallow and are commonly used to support the body’s immune system.

Propolis has mild antibacterial and antibiotic properties which assist in reducing free radical damage and improving overall health and wellbeing.

Australian by Nature Propolis Capsules also contain natural antioxidant bioflavonoids.

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Discover the Benefits of Propolis Capsules (500mg)

Uncover the natural benefits of Propolis Capsules (500mg), known as the ‘bee glue,’ derived from a complex resinous substance created by bees.

Formation of Propolis:

Learn about the intricate process where bees collect resin, mix it with wax, pollen, and salivary secretions to form Propolis. Explore its role in sealing and protecting the hive.

Composition of Propolis:

Explore the rich composition of Propolis 500mg, containing phytochemicals, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins, and minerals. Understand the significance of flavonoids in influencing its bioactivity.

Beekeeper’s Extraction Process:

Understand how beekeepers actively extract excess Propolis 500mg from beehives and apply a cold treatment process, making it suitable for both topical use and human consumption.

Health Benefits of Propolis 500mg

Historical Medicinal Use:

Discover the historical use of bee products for medicinal purposes, with roots dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Explore references to their healing properties in religious texts.

Origin of the Name ‘Propolis’:

Learn about the origin of the name ‘Propolis’ from the ancient Greek language, symbolizing its role ‘in front of the city’ for the defense of the hive.

Western Complementary Medicine:

Understand the traditional use of Propolis in western complementary medicine, supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system. Explore its mild antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics.

Ingredients in Propolis Capsules (500mg)

Composition of Capsules:

Explore the ingredients in Propolis Capsules (500mg), including Propolis, Lecithin, Vegetable oil, Beeswax, Soya oil, d-alpha-tocopherol, and Carob pod. Understand the capsule shell components: Gelatin, Glycerol, and purified Water.


Australian By Nature

Established in 1995, Australian by Nature is a 100% Australian owned company based in Sydney, Australia. The dedicated team at Australian by Nature is committed to developing unique, natural health products and complementary medicines sourced from pristine environments. Australian by Nature are passionate about health, wellbeing, lifestyle, naturopathy and the environment. We welcome you and your family to enjoy our extensive range of natural health products to enhance and improve overall health and wellbeing. The Australian by Nature brand is iconically Australian and is recognised as one of Australia’s most premium and respected brands of natural health products. Our portfolio of products are made and developed in both Australia and New Zealand, putting your health and wellbeing as our highest priority.
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