Premium Raw Honeycomb – Bee Greedy (250g)


These premium raw honeycomb rounds have been freshly harvested from the hive, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Honeycomb honey, is the ultimate gourmet honey and can be seen in its most pure and natural form, making it a unique gift, or perfect addition to your grazing platter.

The honeycomb process requires a significant amount of work both for the bees and the beekeeper. It takes the bees 8 times as much effort to produce the comb as it does to produce just the raw honey.

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Introducing our premium Raw Honeycomb Rounds, freshly harvested from the hive in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. This Honeycomb Honey is the epitome of gourmet honey, presented in its purest and most natural form, making it an exceptional gift or a delightful addition to your curated grazing platter.

The honeycomb creation is a labor-intensive process that demands substantial effort from both the bees and the dedicated beekeeper. It requires eight times more exertion for bees to produce the comb compared to crafting raw honey alone.

To manufacture just one kilogram of wax, bees consume between 7 to 9 kilograms of honey. This highlights the need for a robust nectar flow to facilitate comb production and filling it with honey. The meticulous process involves carefully extracting the comb from the hive, ensuring the hive is ready for the bees to construct new honeycomb.

For a touch of culinary uniqueness, consider incorporating our Raw Honeycomb Rounds into your dishes. Elevate your cheese or fruit platter, or add a sweet twist to your Greek yogurt or cereal.

Bee Greedy, a small family-owned and operated raw honey producer near Perth, Western Australia, brings you 100% pure, West Australian raw and unprocessed honey, honeycomb, and pollen. Committed to ethical beekeeping practices, they refrain from bee feeding, always leaving ample honey in the hive to sustain the bees.

Product Details:

  • Pure Western Australian Honey
  • Made in Western Australia (sourced from the Great Southern area)
  • Brand: Bee Greedy
  • Packaging: Cassette
  • Region: Western Australia
  • Varietal: Multifloral / Seasonal
  • Total Activity Rating (TA+): Not Tested
  • Processing: Raw
  • Size: 250g

Indulge in the richness of our Raw Honeycomb Rounds, a testament to the dedication of both bees and beekeepers, and savor the authentic taste of Western Australian honey.

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Bee Greedy

Bee Greedy is a small family owned and operated raw honey producer located near Perth, Western Australia. They produce 100% pure, West Australian raw and unprocessed honey, honeycomb and pollen. All bees are treated ethically and they DO NOT take part in the practice of bee feeding – instead always leaving enough honey produced by the bees in the hive to sustain the bees.
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