MGO 550 Australian Manuka Honey – ManukaLife (250g)


Delight in the extraordinary goodness of MGO 550+ Australian Manuka Honey by ManukaLife, now available at an exclusive 60% off. From the lush landscapes of Southern Western Australia, we meticulously oversee every step in the journey from tree to hive to honey, ensuring the production of high-grade, active, and authentic Manuka honey.

Boasting an MGO rating of 550+, this golden elixir is endowed with powerful antimicrobial benefits. Recommended for daily use, it serves as a natural boost to enhance general wellbeing and support digestive health, equivalent to a TA15+ honey rating.

While the best before date is marked as 2022, rest assured that honey products, especially premium ones like ManukaLife, are renowned for their enduring quality. Honey, with its natural preservative properties, is known to resist spoilage indefinitely. So, despite the date on the label, you can confidently savor the rich and robust flavors of this MGO 550 Australian Manuka Honey, trusting that its exceptional quality remains unwavering

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From tree to hive to honey we manage every step of production to guarantee high grade, active, authentic Manuka honey. Our powerful Manuka honey is just as nature intended – pure, authentic and unadulterated.

Our Manuka honey comes from some of the healthiest bee populations in the world – we collect our honey from plantations spread across the southern parts of Western Australia. These pristine, natural environments allow our healthy bees to collect and produce honey of the highest quality.

The active antibacterial potency of Manuka honey is measured by the level of Methylglyoxal (MGO) present. This honey have an MGO rating of 550+ which means it has antimicrobial benefits and is recommended for everyday use to boost general wellbeing and digestive health. This is equivalent to a TA15+ honey.

Manuka honey is one of the most beneficial forms of honey in the world.
Manuka honey can help with digestive issues, scar and wound healing, skin issues, the immune system, oral health and sore throats.

Made in Australia, from 100% Australian ingredients.

Brand: Manukalife
Packaging: Plastic
Region: Western Australia
Varietal: Manuka
Processing: Gently Heated
Size: 250g

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm




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ManukaLife is a Western Australian company that develops high-grade Manuka plantations for products developed for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. These products are created based on science, research and our unique positioning in the bio-secure region of Western Australia.
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