TA+ Jarrah Bulk Raw Honey (10kg)

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Jarrah TA+ Premium Raw Western Australian honey. This product is:

  • Jarrah honey with antimicrobial properties
  • Pure, raw, 100% natural Western Australian honey is not chemically treated or processed.

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Premium Raw Jarrah TA+ Western Australian honey

Amber coloured honey with a smooth, strong, full-bodied malt flavour with caramel undertones.

Jarrah honey is prized for having some of the highest potencies of antimicrobial activity in the world and its amazing healing abilities.

It is rare because it is only found in Western Australia and unfortunately these native forests are dwindling. Also, this tree only flowers every second year so it’s an extra treat for the bees when they get to collect its healing nectar.

This pure, raw, 100% natural Western Australian honey is not chemically treated or processed. It is also not heat treated and it is not ultra-filtered. This means it retains all of the goodness that Mother Nature intended.

In order to maintain the medicinal properties of raw honey we recommend not heating it above 40 degrees celsius.

Brand: Australian Wildflower Honey
Packaging: Plastic
Region: Western Australia
Varietal: Jarrah
Processing: Raw
Size: 10kg


Australian Wildflower

Australian Wildflower Honey is biodiversity-positive brand and guaranteed that our honey contain no GMOs, GE, glyphosate or other synthetic chemicals.

5% of profits from every jar sold supports conservation, restoration & reconciliation.

Proudly West Australian made,
West Australian owned.

Weight11 kg
Dimensions28 × 28 × 28 cm




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