Gentle Eyes – Eyebright Serum – Wild Bee (30mL)

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Eyebright Serum —Renewal— All skin types

Naturally Enriched With Yerba Mate, White Cypress, White Tea, Kakadu Plum & Aloe Vera
Wild Bee Gentle Eyes Serum is a pleasant marriage of soothing ingredients that awakens the face. Thanks to the invigorating properties of the eyebright plant, this serum is the perfect salve for the puffiness, dark circles and fine lines that often develop under and around the eyes.

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What we stand for
Locally owned and made, Wild Bee brings natural health and wellness products to all Australians. Drawing on the expertise of beekeepers and Indigenous communities out of Northern Territory and Western Australia, we employ the latest science and sustainable practices to harness the beauty and benefits of native extracts.
Why we chose the botanicals in this product
All Wild Bee products are of the earth. Containing only the most bioavailable bee nutrients and plant extracts, each product is carefully created to return an aspect of the skin to its purest condition.

The complex compounds in the eyebright plant have been used on tired eyes for centuries. We’ve extracted these compounds at their purest to ensure the skin around the eyes never stop gleaming, then added the protective powers of Yerba Mate, and the anti-inflammatory prowess of White Cypress. Gentle Eyes allows you to say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, dark circles and clogged pores, and hello to cleaner, tighter and brighter skin. Just like the namesake of its featured ingredient, this serum brightens the eyes… in more ways than one.


Upon waking and before sleep, apply 1-2 drops to skin under the eyes and rub gently until fully absorbed.


aqua (water), aloe bardadensis leaf juice, hyaluronic acid 2%, niacinamide (vitamin B3), ilex paraguariensis (yerba mate) leaf extract, capparis mitchellii (white cypress) leaf extract, camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf extract, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin C), terminalia ferdinandianna (kakadu plum) fruit extract, euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) extract, glycerin, xanthan gum, allantoin, mel (manuka honey), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid



Australian made, Australian owned, and 99% natural, Wild Bee by Natural Life™ literally embodies the pure essence and wild beauty of Australia

Natural Life™ is Australia’s leading brand of bee health and wellness products. For over 20 years, we have harnessed the powerful nutrients hidden deep within the beehive to create our uplifting, revitalising range of natural health supplements.

Propolis, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey and Beeswax are some of the most nutrient-rich, healing antioxidants found in nature. With these beautiful ingredients as a base, we set out to create a skincare range to showcase the raw, wild beauty of Australia.

We combined our remarkable bee nutrients with specially selected indigenous plant extracts to bring you Wild Bee, natural Australian skincare that is truly like no other.

Australian Made

Natural Life™ has been proudly Australian made and owned since 1996. We pride ourselves on our exceptional manufacturing processes, adhering to Australian TGA and international GMP regulations. Wild Bee by Natural Life™ meets this same premium quality, naturally. Wild Bee is uniquely Australian, featuring native plant extracts, used for thousands of years by our indigenous people.


Wild Bee is a skincare brand that goes far beyond healthy, natural skin. We take a stand for the most powerful pollinators on the planet.  We only support Australian Beekeepers and indigenous harvesters that practice sustainable farming.  This way we know that the bees are looked after, the land is cared for and the produce is perfect!

For every beautiful product sold – Wild Bee donates a portion of sales to the Save the Bees foundation.

 Save the Bees Australia

‘We love what we do, how we do it, why we do it, but most of all we love doing our bit and sharing our passion through the bee-autiful products that we make’ – the Wild Bee team


Wild Bee

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