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Australian by Nature Raw Bee Pollen is 100% premium Western Australian natural food supplement. Bee Pollen is often referred to as nature’s ‘Perfect Food’ since it contains all the vital nutrients required by the human body. Raw Bee Pollen can be easily added to your daily regime – simply sprinkle over your breakfast cereal or add to your favourite juices and smoothies.

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Bee Pollen Granules 250g: Nature’s Nutrient-Rich Superfood

Pure and Vital Nutrients

Subheading: Bee Pollen Composition

Discover the richness of Bee Pollen Granules 250g, a 100% pure multi-floral bee pollen packed with essential nutrients. It contains provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, H, K, PP, essential fatty acids, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and rutin. Proteins and phosphates are also part of its nutrient profile.

Nature’s Perfect Food for Humans

Subheading: The Perfect Nutrient Balance

Explore the concept of Bee Pollen as nature’s ‘perfect food,’ containing all 22 essential nutrients for the human body. Uncover the historical use by athletes for its energy-boosting and immune-strengthening properties.

Vital Role in the Beehive

Subheading: Bee Pollen in the Hive

Learn about the crucial role of Bee Pollen in the hive. Understand how bees store pollen side by side with honey and the varying shapes and sizes of pollen based on the collected plant.

Active Bee Pollen Collection Process

Subheading: Active Collection by Bees

Explore the dynamic process of bees collecting pollen from plant anthers. Witness the addition of a small amount of secretion and nectar, forming pollen on their back legs in structures called pollen baskets.

Beekeeper’s Pollen Collection Technique

Subheading: Pollen Collection by Beekeepers

Discover the method beekeepers employ to collect excess pollen using a device called a pollen trap. Learn how this device scrapes a small amount of pollen from bees as they enter the hive.

Convenient Superfood Supplement

Subheading: Bee Pollen Granules 250g Usage

Integrate Bee Pollen Granules into your daily routine effortlessly. Whether sprinkled over breakfast cereal, added to juices, smoothies, or milk, it serves as a 100% natural superfood supplement.

Serving Suggestion

Subheading: Daily Intake Recommendation

Get guidance on incorporating Bee Pollen Granules into your daily routine with a suggested serving of 1–2 teaspoons (5–10 grams) per day.

Warning and Caution

Subheading: Safety Alert

Understand the potential risks associated with Bee Pollen, including the warning about severe allergic reactions. Learn the immediate actions to take in case of a reaction and the importance of consulting a healthcare professional.

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Australian By Nature

Established in 1995, Australian by Nature is a 100% Australian owned company based in Sydney, Australia. The dedicated team at Australian by Nature is committed to developing unique, natural health products and complementary medicines sourced from pristine environments. Australian by Nature are passionate about health, wellbeing, lifestyle, naturopathy and the environment. We welcome you and your family to enjoy our extensive range of natural health products to enhance and improve overall health and wellbeing. The Australian by Nature brand is iconically Australian and is recognised as one of Australia’s most premium and respected brands of natural health products. Our portfolio of products are made and developed in both Australia and New Zealand, putting your health and wellbeing as our highest priority.
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